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The Robin’s Nest Self Catering Guest House is a fantastic place to do a spot of Bird Watching. With hundreds of local species flying around the premises, you will?be able to see?everything from the?chirpy Cape Robin, the namesake of the Robin’s Nest, to Guinea Fowl, Kingfishers and Herons.

While you are staying at the Robin’s Nest, see if you can spot the infamous?Cape Robin or Cosypha Caffra (approximately 18cm in length). You will see many of the cheerful and curious little birds in the garden.

If allowed they will come to within a meter of you. Distinguished by white eyebrows, orange upper breast and greyish underparts; in flight showing orange tail-feathers and back. Adolescent Robins?have pale a orange breast that is spotted black. They have a pleasant and continuing song, each passage starting on the same note and with the phrase ?Jan-Frederick? often repeated. It also jerks its tail up when alert.

We would be interested to hear about the types of birds that you have seen on your visit to the Robin’s Nest. Please feel free to?email us your photos or post them to our Trip Advisor page.